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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Helen Ukpabio militia invade child rights conference in Calabar, Nigeria

It is hard to believe but real. The foot soldiers of the child witch exorcist, Helen Akpabio on Wednesday 29 July, 2009 attacked a child rights conference at the Cultural Center, Calabar, Nigeria.

Here is the footage of the attack on Youtube:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Special Appeal from Nigerians in Diaspora

July 13, 2009

His Excellency Obong (Barr.) Godswill Akpabio

The Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State

Wellington Bassey Way

Uyo, Akwa Ibom State



Your Excellency:

The leadership and members of Akwa Ibom State Association of Nigeria (USA), Inc. (AKISAN) have again read, heard, discussed, prayed, watched and followed the stories of our children being manhandled and traumatized; their caretakers arrested and/or threatened; and the protagonists left to their own devices. Last year we advocated on behalf of the abused and abandoned children. We are especially troubled that this is again at issue after your and the House of Representatives’ positive actions to move their concerns in the right direction. These actions included the Child’s Right Act, the arrests of some provocateurs, your proclamation and promised donation to their causes.

AKISAN proudly supports the commendable work of Mr. Sam Itauma and CRARN to rescue and rehabilitate our children, who for no fault of theirs are subjected to unimaginable atrocities because some ‘pastor’ claims they are possessed or are witches. The images from last year’s broadcast are still very raw in the minds of our community. AKISAN is disgusted that in 2009, a pastor can allegedly use ‘law enforcement’ to travel across the country to exercise some ‘kidnapping’ action while the local police command stands as watchmen. This begs the question why we have police commissioners in each state; and whose jurisdiction is it on a given day.

We hold firmly that if the children (our future) are treated with such disfavor when the government is aiming to universally educate them, our progress can and only will be measured by the value with which we regard them today. AKISAN affirms that our children must be protected from all enemies; whether from within and without. We further assert that those who risk their resources to cater and help our children should equally be protected as their work is of paramount importance. Specifically, we assert that the government needs to utilize all pertinent resources to protect CRARN, their staff and their management.

As a people, we are known and recognized by how well they treat the weak and vulnerable. Akwa Ibom has a history of hospitality to its fellow citizens and strangers. It is unfathomable that our children and their caretakers should be subjected to this level of persecution and abuse as have taken place in our state. We demand protection for CRARN, its residents, its staff and for all who are engaged in the difficult task of taking care of the children who are the victims of opportunists and those who profit from their misfortune.

AKISAN would be remiss if we did not thank you for your intervention, visit to CRARN and outward show of support for these children. We know it made a major difference in the turn of events. We are thankful for the promised donation and hope the funds will be available soon for the large tasks at CRARN.

We thank the State Police Commissioner for the intervention and release of Mrs. Itauma and Staff, though we are disturbed that his command was treated so inconsequentially by the arrest in the first instance. We hope there shall never be another such instance without due process in the future, and that everyone will be treated with a measure of respect. AKISAN insists that elements like Mrs. Helen Ukpabio and others similarly situated should be put on notice that our children are our most valued treasures and their false stigmatization and strong arm persecution should cease immediately.

Therefore, we earnestly hope His Excellency will take appropriate steps to eradicate this horror from our community and support this and other safe havens for these traumatized children. We recognize that these expected changes will require re-education and re-orientation of our communities about their beliefs. AKISAN is hopeful for a strong community without these unwelcome events.


Mike Essien, Esq.

Legal Counsel, AKISAN

Czar, Abused Children Relief

Obong Umana

National President, AKISAN

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Urgent Action to Protect the Rights of Nigeria's ‘WITCH’ Children

Dear friend,
Below is the link to Stepping Stones Nigeria's (and other partner organisation's) proposal of action that could assist in freeing Sam Ikpe-Itauma, his family and staff from the malicious intent of Helen Ukpabio.
Kindly help to circulate it and TAKE ACTION, ACCORDINGLY!!!


Yemi Ademowo J

Monday, July 6, 2009

HAWK Project: The Evangelist's Physical Attack on Sam and the alledged Witches

Dear friend,

It might seem that we are quiet but we are not. Indeed, we have been working with groups to see how we could stamp out the steretypification of the innocent kids being accused of being witches. We have failed in some of our activities, and we have been tremedously successful in others. Our main headache now is a woman 'evangelist' called HELEN AKPABIO, the witch catcher!!

You would recalled that we cried out sometimes ago that HELEN is demanding a whooping sum as a compensation for Sam Itauma's participation in a documentary 'Saving the Child Witches' (see: I saw a copy of the letter sent to Sam by a law firm in Lagos when I visited the CRARN Center in April. The letter was replied legally by CRARN's team of lawyers. After the reply, we have not heard from HELEN until on July 3, 2009!!!

On July 3, 2009 at around 7am a team of unclothed Policemen forced their way into the CRARN center on the orders of 'The Evangelist'. Sam was not at the Center, he left early in the morning to visit one of the opinion leaders in the area who will take a part in a programme on community sensitization that he is organising. THE POLICE BEAT UP SAM'S WIFE and WOUNDED SEVEN OF THE ALLEDGED WITCHES living at the CRARN Center, Ikot Afaha, Akwa-Ibom state, Nigeria. The wife and a staff of the center were arrested only to be freed after 48hours as opposed the 24 hours stipulated in the constitution. Sam's laptop computers and a 500pounds donation he received for the center on his recent visit to London and other valuables were missing at the end of the operation.

After they were released on the orders of the Commisioner of Police, Akwa-Ibom state, 'The Evangelist' called the Commisioner and lampooned him for daring to free those threatening her life (what she meant by this is her livelihood because her last revival in Akwa-Ibom was not as successful as she expected; she lost her investment!!).

Various groups are planning one programme or the other to bring this issue to public discourse and seek justice for Sam and the Kids. The HAWK Project shall be addressing an international press conference on thursday 9 July, 2009 in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State. Tagged "Stop Harrassing Sam and the Alledged Witches", the press conference will renew call for Sam and the Kids protection and call the public's attention to the acts of injustices being orchestrated by Helen Akpabio.

As for Sam and the kids, they now live in perpetual fears for they know not what next the woman of terror will do!!

You see, we need you to help publicise this attack and call attention to the pains and sufferings of these innocent kids as well as that of their 'Defender', Sam Ikpe-Itauma!!

Yemi Ademowo Johnson
Coordinator, HAWK Project