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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Justice for Grace, a Woman Battered, Stripped and Nearly Killed for Witchcraft Allegation

For daring to report to the Police, Grace still receives threats from different people she does not know over the phone. And they are making life miserable for her and her children such that she does not know the next step in life. She feels so unsafe and helpless. 

Hence, she demands for justice as the only way to clear her name, restore her dignity and receive adequate compensation in order to guarantee the future of her children. The NATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION CAN ACT ON HER BEHALF. SEND OR CALL ANY OF THESE NUMBERS AND DEMAND THAT THEY INVESTIGATE AND DEMAND JUSTICE FOR GRACE: +2348054707559, +2348077091123, +234807 709 1124, +2348077091126, +234807 569 7449

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stripped, Tortured and Molested for Witch Allegation: Justice for Grace

Accused of being a Witch, Striped and molested by Aiyedun-Ekiti community, JUSTICE FOR GRACE Campaign is on.

The DPO and the IPO are bribed...yet justice must be done! No going back.

JUSTICE FOR GRACE: The King (Alaye) of Oke Aiyedun was an exemplary King for standing for TRUTH and JUSTICE when Grace was mobbed and about to be killed: Grace was mobbed, tortured, locked with dead body at the trunk of the car, naked and subjected to untold inhuman treatment at Aiyedun.

This is really INHUMAN..Grace is not only devastated, traumatized but her means of livelihood has been razed..AN INJUSTICE IS AN INJUSTICE.
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