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Monday, March 23, 2009

HAWK Project: The Akwa-Ibom Village Square Dialogue, April-June, 2009

Dear friend,

When embarking on an Intervention Project, a lot of factors are thoroughly considered, the paramount of which is the involvement of the locals in the project. In fact, it has been discovered that non-involvement of the locals in many projects has resulted in project ineffectiveness for continuity and efficiency are often compromised.

This indisputable fact, of successful projects and policy execution in Nigeria, as noted by Ololajulo B. (2004), and our avowed need to ensure the success of the HAWK Project has make us to take a u-turn. Contrary to the earlier projected International Conference on Child Witch hunting, we shall now be organising a "Village Square Square Dialogue" in Akwa-Ibom between April and June, 2009.

This decision of our is premised on the need to involve the affected in the intervention project, in fact they are expected to take the driver's seat. The meeting will invite the locals, their chiefs and religious leaders. At first we thought of a conference but we have realised that it will only offer some people a kind of talk-shop and fewer resources for the kids and of course local involvement. (After all, the locals will not understand the bid grammar that the many academic participants will speak!)

We shall keep you informed of a detailed programme.

We are planning as usual to organise this with CRARN,

Other Nigerian and non-Nigerians, individuals and groups, interested in taken part in the village square dialogue are also enjoin to signify on time so that we could issue the invitation letter.

Yemi Ademowo Johnson

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