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Monday, April 27, 2009

HAWK Project: So far, So Good

Dear friend,
The HAWK Project is still on.
We have again visited the witchunted CHILDREN at the CRARN Center, Ikot-Afaha, Akwa-Ibom state and assessed the situation in Esan, Edo State.

Three projects have been carried out so far:
1. The Stop Project
2. The Inter-house Sports competition
3. The village meeting

1. The stop Project
The goal of this project is to create massive awareness of the pervasive stigma in the name of child-witch hunting going on in different part of Nigeria, most especially in Akwa-Ibom and part of Edo. This we have been doing through press conferences and participation at the human right fora like the Human Right Vanguards seminar on Child Rights, April 8-10, Lagos, Nigeria. As part of the Stop Project we have also engaged notable personalities like traditional rulers in the affected area, among other local leaders in discourse to get their views and use same in an advocacy campaigns on local radio that we hope to run once we are able to secure funds for the 1 minute over three months advert.

2. The CRARN Academy Sports
There is no doubt that sports help in developing children physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. Hence the decision of the Young Humanistas Network to participate and support the CRARN inter-sports competition by instituting a HUMANIST HOUSE, which the group will be supporting annually to compete in sports competitions like athletics, football, among others with other HOUSES like Bristow Helicopters, First City Monumental Bank, Stepping Stones, etc.

3. The village meeting
So far, about two village meetings have been held in Ibeno and Esan to engineer social change in attitude towards suspected child-witches. Both have been successful.

As you can see, whatever form you have been supporting us is surely not in vain. And we surely wont disappoint you.

All these have been made possible through the Human Etisk Forbund, Oslo Section fund granted late last month to cover the HAWK Project and our Youth Leadership Training most especially effective HIV prevention technique ( this year's edition will targeted at countering unsubstantiated Pope's statement on condom for the benefit of the young sexually active Nigerians).


Yemi Ademowo J
Cordinator, YHN

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