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Thursday, February 28, 2013


For her role in the stigmatisation, humiliation and expulsion of a 10 year old pupil of her school, the following are reasons that Dr. (Mrs.) O. S. Sallam, the Principal of Federal Government Girls College Ipetumodu, Osun State should be sacked:

  • stigmatisation of the 10 year old child;
  •  violation of the child’s right to freedom from discrimination. The Child’s Right Act states that “a child shall not be subjected to any form of discrimination” but the principal violated this provision and discriminated against the victim;
  •  violation of the child’s right for the dignity of person as the child was subjected to torture and inhuman, degrading treatment;
  •  violation of the child’s right to education;
  •  blind irrationality. The principal acted irrationally as there was no evidence (except a mere dream) that warrant the labeling, stigmatisation and expulsion of the child from the school;
  • flagrant disrespect of law and court order;
  • the principal failed to give protection and care necessary for the victim’s well-being despite being an in loco parentis;
  •  the principal is administering the school undemocratically. She became a dictator through suppression of democratic ethos by violating the victim’s right to fair hearing and equal treatment, and unilateral expulsion of the child from the school;
  •  the Child’s Right Act states that “in every action concerning a child, whether undertaken by an individual, public or private body, institutions or service, court of law, or administrative or legislative authority, the best interest of the child shall be primary consideration”. The principal did not consider at all the victim’s interest in the matter; and
  • gross incompetency. The principal had shown that she is grossly incompetent in her duty as the head of the school.

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