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Monday, June 2, 2014

HAPSTA International Conference 2014

HAPSTA International Conference, 2014
(In Honour of Late Professor Olusegun Oladipo,
pioneer Chairman, Nigerian Humanist Movement)

Humanist Association for Peace and Social Tolerance Advancement (HAPSTA), Ibadan Nigeria, is pleased to announce its year 2014 international conference aimed at initiating discourses that are dear to humanism promotion in the face of contemporary existential predicaments bedeviling African development. The year 2014 conference is also specially organized to honour Late Prof. O.T. Oladipo, a quintessential scholar and humanist of international repute.

Conference Theme:
Humanism, Existential Predicaments and Africa

1.   Humanism, Social Reconstruction and Africa
2.   Epistemicide and African Leadership Crisis
3.   Election, Zero Politics and the Future of Democracy in Africa
4.   Language, Mental Decolonisation and Africa
5.   Crass Religiosity, Morality and the African crisis
6.   Individual, Community and Contemporary African society
7.   Science, Humanism and Development
8.   Nollywood, Ghollywood, Kannywood and the Development Question
9.   Ritual Killing, Yahoo-Yahoo and the Craze for Wealth in Nigeria
10. Witchcraft Stigmatisation/Abuse and Human Security
11. Terrorism, Insurgency and National Security
12. Social Media Activism, Human Rights and Good Governance

Arrival: Thursday 28th August, 2014
Time:       4.00pm

Conference Proper: Friday 29th August, 2014
Venue: Conference Center, University of Ibadan
Time: 9.00am

                        Opening Address: 
                        Prof. Wale Olajide            
Dept of Philosophy,                                           
Ekiti State University,Nigeria                             

Keynote Speaker: 
Prof. O. B. Lawuyi,
Dept of Archaeology & Anthropology
University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Abstract of not more than 150 words should be sent to any of the contacts below, on or before July 20, 2014:

The Chair, L.O.C, Dr. Francis Offor:
Secretary, L.O.C, Noah Balogun:
HAPSTA Secretariat:

For information on participation:

08121210824, 08140800310, 08060447494,

Funded by HAMU, Norway

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