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Friday, September 19, 2014

HAPSTA O’HAWK strengthens relationship with the Nigerian Police

As part of the efforts to promote peace and advance social tolerance in Omuo-Ekiti and its environs, the Humanist Association for Peace and Social Tolerance Advancement (HAPSTA), on Wednesday 17th September 2014, paid courtesy visits to divisional headquarters of the Nigerian Police Force.

HAPSTA Board decided, during the 2014 2nd Quarter Project Review, that there is need to strengthen relationship with the security operatives in the Ekiti area so as to involve them more and enjoy their goodwill in the fight against the menace of witch killing, rape and other forms of jungle justice bedeviling the project area. During the meetings with the Divisional Police Officers, HAPSTA’s Admin/Accounts Manager, Seun Joseph emphasised the need to have the support of the Nigerian Police in the fight against the witch hunters and molesters/abusers who often carry out their activities unhindered because of the superstitious belief s of the people and also that of the security operatives. He cited the case of Grace Audu and two other cases where the police were accussed of being party to the assault of the women.

In his own remarks, Kehinde B. F, the DPO of Omuo divisional police headquarters reassured HAPSTA of his support for HAPSTA/ Humanist Against Witch Killing project (O’HAWK), and that the Police, under his command, will continue to do their best in ensuring that Ekiti is rid of witch hunting and stigmatization, jungle justice, rape and other vices.  

Another DPO visited, Gottoh Blessing, the DPO of Omuooke divisional police headquarters, also pledged his support for HAPSTA/O’HAWK project; noting that we should not relent in our activities and hope that someday, the government would reason with us and lend us the required supports.

Noah Balogun 

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