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Monday, May 2, 2011

Levi Fragell Sick-Bay staff resuscitates Baby Stella, transfered her to University of Uyo Teaching Hospital

The health condition of children at the CRARN Center as well as their psycho-social well-being have been of major concern to YHN and our funder, HAMU. Hence, the year 2011 supports were specifically targeted at these concerns. The efforts have not been in vain,as we have succeeded in giving first aid treatments and other minor treatments such as malaria, typhoid, chicken-pox, and others such as fractures, and bruises, sustained by new arrivals and those at the center in recent times. In 2010, we had ten referral cases taken to an hospital and their treatment bills footed by YHN (with the aid of HAMU funds). The most recent cases for this year is Baby Stella.

Baby Stella(8) is one of the three epilepsy patients living at the CRARN Center. In recent times, her daily epileptic seizures have increased to about 14 per day, making her life more 'miserable'. YHN/HAMU provided recommended relief drugs from January to April. The drugs reduced the attacks to 8 in January, 5 in February but in March, the attacks risen again to 13. This necessitated special treatment and another referal to a general hospital. Unfortunately, it was during the electioneering process. The Hospital management (confidentially) told us that drugs were not available for such cases at the time. Hence, we were forced to buy some more drugs for her, specially. The matter however came to another twist on 21 March when she showed signs of waist-to-toes paralysis after about 16 attacks on that day. She was promptly taken to a private hospital because political tensions were high in various parts of the state (Akwa-Ibom) at the time.

From the private hospital where she spent four days, she was transferred to the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital (a Federal Government hospital) where she has been recuperating since 24th April, 2011. Several tests have been recommended and Dietitians too have advised, rightly we must confess, and she is now getting better. But funds have also been expended as envisaged. (A very big 'THANK YOU' to HAMU/HEF Board for the supports).

We must at this juncture commend YHN/CRARN staff for committing their time to save the life of Baby Stella, just as they did for Etido in 2010.

Etido (14) is the eldest of the Epilepsy patients at the Center and had the most excruciating of attacks in 2009 and 2010, with an average of 16 attacks per day. He was subsequently transferred from the center with the support of YHN/HAMU and SSN UK to a reformation center at Port-Harcourt. This Catholic Center, from our assessments, provided him a big relief as the attacks, based on the environment, got reduced to two. Unfortunately, however, the high cost being charged by the Catholic center/school made it difficult for his continued stay, as SSNUK could not foot the bill again in late 2010. But since his return, Etido, has been managing.

We can also only wish Baby Stella, the same luck as she recuperates!!

Ayo and Victor
For: YHN/CRARN Levi Fragell Children Sick-Bay Team

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