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Monday, May 2, 2011

YHN donates food items, drugs and repackaged radio jingle

Food is essential and vital for existence, so also is health. In fact, in some African cultures, it is generally believed that access to food is the ultimate! Although not planned for in 2011 (because another NGO was taekn care of that), the YHN Board agreed that there was dire need in January, February and March, 2011 to support children at the CRARN Center with food when relationship between CRARN and the other donor NGO went sour and the latter decided not to support the Center. We tried as much as possible stand-in and assist in raising local supports until feeding at the Center normalizes. Special thanks to Ann Medekong who assisted in numerous ways in ensuring that the children never went to bed hungry. Kudos also to the over 19 staff of CRARN who had to go without their wages for three months.

We have also repackaged the jingle running on air to include dissuading trafficking and the state's free education policy as well as the harshest of the punishments for child-witch abuses. Also included is the the life experiences of the abused. The airing has been on but was disturbed (or yanked off, if you like) during the political mumbo-jumbo of late March/early April.

All thanks to HAMU!!


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