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Friday, February 13, 2009

Darwin's Day Seminar partcipants Endorse HAWK

It was another plus for the YHN-HEF HAWK Campaign as participants at the Charles Darwin 200th Birthday Seminar tagged "Darwinism, Science Education and Contemporary 'Unscientific' African Beliefs" having discussed the topic, criticise the existence of such beliefs as witchcraft and its denigrating effect, witch hunting and stereotyping.

One of the speakers, Mr. Frank Ilevbare, son of a prominent Classist, who is a systems engineer, noted that the common place poverty and the recent global economic recession and the dearth of qualified science teachers are all some of the reason adduceable for the continued existence of the belief. Another speaker, Mr. Gbemileke, President of the Association of Faculty of Arts Students and Welfare Officer of the Ibadan Students Union, in his own submission opined that "effective promotion of science in junior schools will, with time, douse the continued existence of such beliefs which ae antithetical to African development.

Other speakers at the event posited that the Young Humanistas Network should work hand-in-hand with humanist focused groups and to some extent some liberal religious groups in advocating for the promotion of science education, most especially the theory of evolution in schools.

We want to thank everyone for the support thus far, it is surely not over until it is over!!

Yemi Ademowo J

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