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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

HAWK Project: Of Religion, Poverty and Witchcraft

Dear friend,
The advocacy is still on, thanks to you.

You can read one of our advocacy articles in The Nigerian Tribune of 20/05/09

Of religion, poverty and witchcraft

By Yemi Ademowo Johnson

The madness in the name of child-witches hunting and exorcising going on in Akwa Ibom State, needs the attention of every rational being. For as a newspaper editorial puts it, it is nothing but a 'debacle on child rights and a situation that has taken away self-esteem and psychologically demean many children in the state to the extent that they are far too conscious of every of their daily act everywhere and anywhere for fear of being tagged witches or wizards. This is totally unacceptable. Hence the question: who is a witch?

Also during the weekend, Yemi Ademowo Johnson, the International Coordinator for the HAWK Campaign was featured as a change influencer in The Guardian Newspapers (Life) of 22/02/09.

You see, with your support, we can move mountains!!


Yemi Ademowo J

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