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Monday, February 16, 2009

HAWK Project: The Boy Jerry: Story of an Alleged Wizard

Dear friend,

Obviously we are all blind to seeing what the future holds in stock. What we are cocksure of and capable of peeping into are daily happenstances around us. We all sleep, wake and move about our routines with high hopes until something terrible dwarf that high hope. Here is the story of Jerry a former pupil of Aunty Mercy Nursery and Primary school who never dreamt that one day he will battle with the witchcraft stigma but rather focused on his dream of becoming a medical doctor.

His name is Jeremiah Victor Friday. He is 10 years old. Before being rescued to the Child Rights and Rehabilitation Network (CRARN) center where alleged child-witches live, Jerry has a life of his own, a caring mother, father and friends around ready and willing to offer their shoulders whenever the need arises.

All seems to be going on well for this young man until the wife of his Pastor declared him a wizard! And because his parents have been attending the City of Grace Mission International in Afaha Uqua for sometimes they accepted the verdict!!

The sanest question is: what made Jerry a wizard?

The story, to be more elaborate, was that the Pastor's wife had prophesized during one of the pregnant women prayer meetings that Jerry's mother will deliver a baby boy and that she is sure because the Holy Spirit has confirmed it to her. Unfortunately, however, rather than a baby boy, Jerry's mother gave birth to a baby girl. So, to cover up for the inadequacies of the 'Holy Spirit message', the Reverend's wife said it was Jerry that turned the male foetus into female, so that he will be the only one receiving the male preferential treatment.

Like most of his other colleagues at the CRARN Center, Jerry was BEATEN and TORTURED. In fact his father used petrol and fire to BURN him. He was also given CRUDE OIL to drink which made him purged for three days.

For a boy who aspires to be a Medical Doctor, but who was turned away from home into the streets, one will thought the journey has ended. But Jerry is now in high spirit with a better hope for the future.

Thanks to the many supports being given to the CRARN Center and of course whistle-blowing projects like that of the Stepping Stones of Nigeria and the Humanist Against Witch Killing (HAWK) of the Young Humanistas Network.

The likes of Jerry, Mary, and other over one hundred and seventy kids living in the CRARN center still need us. Our advocacy, moral and financial supports will go a long way in combating this menace.

YOU are OBVIOUSLY important in this CAUSE!

Thanks for all your supports, now and in the future!~

Yemi Ademowo Johnson

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